Lobuche Peak Climbing

Lobuche Peak is a popular destination for mountaineers situated just above the Lobuche village in the Khumbu Region not far from Mt. Everest. Climbing Lobuche is a perfect challenging addition for a visit to the Khumbu region. The peak is technically not too challenging for climbers with some experience (rated PD+) but no mountain should be underestimated with the usual dangers arising from altitude, exposure and weather conditions. Lobuche has two different summits -Lobuche East Peak (6119m) and Lobuche West Peak (6145m) connected via a knife-edge ridge. Base Camp is located to not far from the Lobuche village to the south. It gives easy access to the south ridge. Lobuche East has a very dramatic arête to the east, forming a three-ridged pyramid. South and Southeast Ridges form a typical rock triangle extending to the Khumbu glacier moraine. The peak dramatically towers over the village and is easily identifiable from the Everest trail.

Everst Region - Nepal
20 days
Peak Climbing
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